Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Top 10 Ways To Create A Blog

1 - Do research about a particular topic that you like.

2 - To register a domain name that matches the key phrase in the above study

3 - Create a blog on a domain

4 - Create a good sized list of Ping

5 - Released a new piece of content three times / week on the blog.

6 - If you have 20-30 post , spend the day doing directory submissions. The reason is that the demands of certain directories do not accept sites that appear to be under construction.

7 - In anticipation of directories continue to put three times / week.

8 - By now you should have a pair of casual visitors to your blog. Now is the time to determine the default template design to put in a niche that works well with your content.

9 - Google Update! Google comes in and gives you some PR. Very big company do a link exchange for 2-3 days solid. Nothing but to seek connections.

10 - You need to contact your site on a daily basis. Every 2 days to do a post. A day to spend 30 minutes looking for links and directories, and other places to promote your blog. Even if you only find a link for you for 30 minutes, which is productive.
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