Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blog Commenting for SEO

Blog Commenting is one of the best methods for getting top quality backlinks to your website. through blog commenting I’m not only increasing backlinks to my blog, but I’m also inviting the readers of that blog to mine.
• Be Careful of Nofollow blog
To get backlink to your blog it depends on the blog's comments structure. They may use javascript for the links which will not let the spiders follow it and give your site the backlink. In addition many blogs use a Nofollow tag on links within comments that also prevent the spider from following the link. So, check whether the blog is Dofollow or Nofollow before commenting.
• Posting The Right Comments
You have to do blog commenting with respect because, of all the many methods used in building backlinks to blogs, it’s one of the most abused.  Reply to those comments that are already there. Stay on topic and write something that adds value to that post. If you leave useful comments that provide compelling information, people will click on the link included in your comment box. This way you will get highly targeted traffic and build relevant links to your website .
You should leave useful and knowledgeable comments on other blogs. The blogmaster is offering you the chance to gain a backlink, so you must leave a comment that adds value to his site in return. Leaving comments such as "great site dude" is of little value to the blog owner and will probably be deleted.


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