Monday, February 27, 2012

Blackhat SEO method You Must obviate

SEO other knew as search engine optimization is a pop form of search engine marketing. The main goal of which (as its name would suggest) is to ameliorate the ranking of the site in different search engines. An entire industry of consultants makes sprung up around the thought of search engine optimization. It's important to note that when it gets to search engine optimization there are 2 different methodologies operant when it comes to optimization.

As a matter of fact, the search engine optimization advisors themselves as well as their methods can be subdivided further into two various groups. The categories are known as "white hat SEO" or "black hat SEO" . Those in the white hat camp charge that black hat methods are not only making SEO a bad name but are also attempting to manipulate and sabotage the search rankings. The black hatters counter that argument by telling that in the true all SEO is an attempt to manipulate rankings, and so the particular methods one uses to increase rankings are irrelevant.

This is couple Black Hat Technique to manipulate SE

Binging your pages with keywords. Don't binge your web pages with keywords or text of the same background color. Guess what ? SEs can notice that and the result will be ruinous for the website. For illustration having banned out of Google.

Invisible text. That's almost the same with keyword stuffing. You will notice there are several hidden texts in SEO strategies. This happens when a text or link is hidden to the website visitor but can still be seen by the search engines. If this happens it is considered hidden. Before, people used small fonts to hide the text.

Building doorway pages into your web site is forbidden with just about every search engine. Doorway pages, which are actually "fake" pages or "spider food" that provide to search engine algorithms but are never found by users, have same primary goal: to trick search engines into higher rankings. They should be avoided at all costs.The doorway pages are those that only exist to rank better in the various search engines. You may notice some of the pages being ugly and some contain paragraphs which do not have any relation to the topic. Almost of the time these doorway pages are not part of the regular navigation of the site which are called orphaned pages.

Linking farms. Link farms and linking schemes with the main intent of faking search engine rankings, as opposed to offering valuable content on the web, again Google: Google does not like artificial linking. Linking to spam sites may get your web site penalized.

If your webmaster or SEO firm is engaging in any of these tactics, beware. Your web site could be penalized by the search engines for these tactics, and any gains that result from them early on could be more than offset by the cost of being de-indexed by the search engines, not to mention the black eye that unethical practices could give to your website.

Black Hat SEO is simply not valuable the risk. Your best choice will constantly be to engage an SEO firm whose ethics reflect the stellar image your company has or is striving to reach.


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